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Big Africa

In our experience, the instinct of most businesspeople is to underestimate Africa’s size and potential as a market and overestimate the challenges of doing business there.     Africa   Romano Pisciotti teaches at the Rome Business School in Lagos

IVECO Nigeria

    MPI (Motor Parts Industry) is official IVECO dealer in Nigeria and can supply any vehicle made by IVECOand ASTRA. MPI is the largest stockist of original IVECO spare parts in Nigeria and has a fully equipped workshop where all IVECO vehicles can be repaired.   Romano Pisciotti:

EGINA 2018

  Nigerian local economic development policy focuses on three main areas: hiring and training local people, purchasing local goods and services, and developing local infrastructures.     Romano Pisciotti: Read more…. LINK TO EGINA

Happy 100th birthday Ms. Katherine Johnson

29 August 2018 Nasa has joined the 100th birthday celebrations for Katherine Johnson, an African-American “human computer” who overcame racial and gender discrimination, to become a crucial part of the US’s space programme. She calculated trajectories for the Apollo space mission by hand !!!!!! LINK Katherine Johnson Ms Johnson, who was born in 1918 Best […]

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