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Dunlop Argentina S.A. has been developing oil perforation and explorations hoses for more than 40 years, in accordance with technological advances and using the best materials in the market, fulfilling the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the ISO Quality System 9001. Such certifications allow the use of the API monogram on hoses according to the corresponding specification API Spec. (7K-16C).
The main applications of rotary hoses are:
– Injection of mud from the feeding tubeto the swivel
– Injection of mud from the tank, through the bomb to the
pipe and its return.
– Cushioning vibration between rigid connections of the
– Water injection in coke towers within refineries. – Cementation, acidification and well profiling.
– General Choke and Kill service.
These hoses are provided with threaded couplings, LINE PIPE kind, according to API Spec 5B or welded couplings or flanges according to APISpec6A.

Terminals can be Built-in or Swaged- on process to the hose.

These general conditions added to the specific conditions of each type and grade of application make us proud of our Rotary hoses, and grant us a vast and prominent positioning at a local as well as at an international level.


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