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Industrial vacuum cleaners, unlike ordinary shop vacuums, is an instrument of efficiency necessary for any kind of business. It is however fundamental to use the right vacuum cleaner for every application, in order to maximize results. For this reason Delfin has always offered its customers free inspections. Whether you need a centralized vacuum system or a three motors industrial vacuum cleaner, our  sales managers are always available to visit your company and advise the best solution.What do you need to vacuum?Every Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner is able to vacuum any type of material, from fine dust  to liquids or oil, there are no materials that our industrial vacuum cleaners cannot collect.

Delfin DELFIN  Industrial Vacuum

Delfin has an extensive range, comprising more than 100 different models of industrial vacuum cleaners, in multiple product lines, each uniquely defined by many technical details that make it ideal for the suction of one material rather than another.We therefore recommend some industrial vacuums for the suction and separation of lubricant oil and shavings (chips , metal shavings , plastic , or other materials ), some other vacuum cleaners for the filtration of welding fumes, oil mist or gas, and others still which were specifically created on the unique needs of our customers.In the end, whether you have to vacuum dust, liquids, solids , polymers or any other type of material in any form or quantity, Delfin can help you. 


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In Nigeria:

Romano Pisciotti

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Everything is possible for Delfin: vacuuming aluminium chips with our Zefiro 75 !
– 3 Kw motor
– large surface filter – 2m²
– high container capacity – 100 Lt


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