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PALFINGER Cranes Nigeria

As a multinational company group with its headquarters in Bergheim near Salzburg, Austria, PALFINGER has 38 manufacturing and assembly sites in Europe, in CIS, in North and South America as well as in Asia. With around 5,000 sales and service outlets on five continents PALFINGER is always close to the customer no matter the location. […]

Construction Equipment Market

Construction Equipment Market is anticipated to exceed USD 170 billion by 2024. The globally flourishing construction sector is surging the demand for high-performance machinery that aids in reducing human involvement in the construction process. The rapid growth in the number of construction activities is exerting pressure on the existing human resources. The demand for sophisticated […]

EGINA 2018

  Nigerian local economic development policy focuses on three main areas: hiring and training local people, purchasing local goods and services, and developing local infrastructures.     Romano Pisciotti: Read more…. LINK TO EGINA


  Since the beginning of 2016, when crude oil prices dropped to below US$30/barrel, there has been a significant deal of uncertainty in the oil and gas industry, especially whether crude oil prices may ever return to pre-2014 levels of > $100. Although the prices currently average $70/barrel, the apprehension about its continued sustainability is […]

Business in Africa

According to the latest ranking Africa Investment Index 2018 (AII), Morocco is the most attractive economy for investments directed to the African continent. The kingdom is characterized by a particularly favorable business environment, a low risk profile, the size of its economy (5th African power) and strong social capital factors, the report notes. According to […]

Knowledge of business

  Six Business Requirements Startups Need To Consider in Nigeria.   A good knowledge of the business you are venturing into is needed before and during the business. This is a key prerequisite to any business undertaking. Most people venture into businesses they know little about and are in a hurry to succeed that they […]

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