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Oil and the Global Economy

Article recommended by Romano Pisciotti – ITALMOTOR – IVECO dealer Nigeria   “US crude oil production reached 11.3 million barrels per day (b/d) in August 2018, up from 10.9 million b/d in July. This is the first time that monthly US production levels surpassed 11 million b/d. US crude oil production exceeded the Russian Ministry […]

EGINA 2018

  Nigerian local economic development policy focuses on three main areas: hiring and training local people, purchasing local goods and services, and developing local infrastructures.     Romano Pisciotti: Read more…. LINK TO EGINA

Happy 100th birthday Ms. Katherine Johnson

29 August 2018 Nasa has joined the 100th birthday celebrations for Katherine Johnson, an African-American “human computer” who overcame racial and gender discrimination, to become a crucial part of the US’s space programme. She calculated trajectories for the Apollo space mission by hand !!!!!! LINK Katherine Johnson Ms Johnson, who was born in 1918 Best […]

Invest in Africa

    The best time to invest in Africa is now. However, foreign investors have not moved into the continent as quickly as expected because foreign investment decisions are often methodically over-structured. One of the major factors cited is too much risk. But risks and profits are inseparable twins: high-risk ventures are frequently associated with […]


  Since the beginning of 2016, when crude oil prices dropped to below US$30/barrel, there has been a significant deal of uncertainty in the oil and gas industry, especially whether crude oil prices may ever return to pre-2014 levels of > $100. Although the prices currently average $70/barrel, the apprehension about its continued sustainability is […]

Granita Siciliana

LA GRANITA SICILIANA Granita al caffè For many considered the “mother” of all the other slushes that have spread to northern Italy, Sicily is certainly different and unique. Its mixture of water, sugar and fruit is frozen slowly and never completely, mixing everything continuously, so as to form a kind of dense and creamy pappetta […]

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